Sep 7, 2023Liked by Shannon Colón

I inherited a slow thyroid also!

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New SMET makes my heart happy.<3

Digging the black and white, the beach, and inheritance theme.

And wowwwwwww JANE. This woman was dropping bars in that video. What an absolutely delightful human being.

Some of my favorite bits:

“I didn’t know my trauma paralyzed my desires.”

“Wherever you go you take yourself.”

"The biggest gift you can give yourself is to honor that you don’t fit in.”

“Own your frailty. You have to own your vulnerability. You have to own what you missed out and give it to yourself.”

“Don’t sit on anything, you’ll get an ulcer.”

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Right? She is a wizard. I'm happy you watched and enjoyed it :)

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Sep 8, 2023Liked by Shannon Colón

This is sweet and scares me at the me time.

I hope I passed on something worthwhile. yeeeeeesh!

Love to ya Shanny

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Oh I really, really like this ✨

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