The spokeless bikes<3

These are beautiful.

I wonder, is being remembered beyond death a worthy pursuit? Is that a bad place to move from? Is it what most people want? Also, maybe sometimes that desire to be remembered after we die is really just a misplaced wanting/inability to be noticed, seen, and remembered right now?

Your breakfast looks SO good. I like the reflection of your hand in the spoon.

I wish you made a funny face in it. Missed opportunity.

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"We're all making our own stone statue." ...will stay in my brain for some time

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This breakfast! GAHHHHHHH

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I definitely hope someone draws my gravestone one day!

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May 22, 2023Liked by Shannon Colón

I did enjoy this! Thanks for sharing.

And that breakfast was a great inspiration!!! 🍽️💕✌️

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